A live entertainment theater that inherits the name of Shinjuku Milanoza, which has developed together with Kabukicho. It features a highly versatile stage with special equipment that can accommodate a wide range of productions, as well as adjustable seating for maximum flexibility. With a capacity of approximately 900 seats, the space allows artists and audiences to feel each other's heartbeat and breath, and will showcase a variety of entertainment content such as drama, music, and film.

Venue Name
Seating Capacity
Seating capacity: 907 seats (Basic layout)
1st floor: 612 seats, 2nd floor: 148 seats (incl. 50 balcony seats), 3rd floor: 147 seats
(incl. 18 balcony seats)
(incl. wheelchair areas)
*Maximum capacity can be expanded up to 1,088 seats.
Grand Opening
April, 2023