"THEATER MILANO-Za" website is now launched!

March 29th, 2023

THEATER MILANO-Za will be reborn as a live entertainment theater in April 2023, inheriting the name of "Milano-za," which was a place where many movie fans gathered to share their excitement.

The intimate distance of about 19 meters from the stage to the last row of seats on the 1st floor creates a space where artists and audiences can feel each other's heartbeats and breaths, providing a unique sense of "togetherness" that only “live” performances can offer.

In addition to a wide range of theatrical performances, such as dramas, musicals, and 2.5D shows, various entertainment contents, such as seated-style concerts and video events, will be presented. We aim to create a theater that touches and is loved by our guests, and all involved parties are preparing for the opening, so please wait for a while until the grand opening.

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